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What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matter compared to what lies within us - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am honoured you have found your way to my website, nothing happens by accident. Have you felt so helpless and hopeless under the enormous weight of feeling trapped, limited and unfulfilled - the feeling that your life is falling apart, there is no movement in your life and the only repeated questions you can convey are, how do I move forward, there must be more meaning and purpose to my life, why do I feel so alone, and confused, desiring above all else more peace, joy and happiness.


Each woman, despite the trials and tributations of her life proves true fulfillments is a result of connecting with her inner wisdom making choices to honour her truth and her values revealed there. Meet Indie - Your Indie is your intuition as a woman. She is the precious, peaceful side of you that speaks softly through the noise, are you listening?


When was the last time you were able to pull back and hear her? Indie is your feminine sovereignty, her emergence will lead you to solid ground inside the inner you, the place inside that whispers: I am good enough; I am ready to be seen, heard and valued; I am meant to do something big in the world. Your Indie is the cradle in which your power as a woman is held.


Here are some steps you can take right away to step back into the woman that you are and start living a life of prosperity, sensuality, and balance:


Set boundaries. Know how to set a healthy boundary. Many women set boundaries they expect other people to respect. A boundary must be within your power to control.  


Give yourself permission - Let go of guilt - Let go of victim mentality. Choose you first and then change the world.


Choose happiness now - loving yourself. There is no love more essential to creating happiness than the love you have for yourself.


It's time to Revive, Reclaim and Restore so you can be your unique expression in action, and allow your voice to be heard. Click here for more details.


Be A Woman On Purpose - Paulette Bell



The way we may view our image may not be the same way the world sees you. Meet Frenchie she’s the sensual, feminine side of you. This is the side responsible for external style, body image, relationships and the way you internally feel about yourself when it comes to beauty, grace and femininity in the world. Most women are neglecting the Frenchie.


For the most part, she is a distant memory.Women have been taught that this side of them is a luxury when in fact she is necessity.


This is the feminine side that adores taking care of herself. She feels confident and alive and enjoys life. Do you know your Frenchie? Have you lost her?


Take a look at your relationship with yourself and those around you. How do you feel about your body? All these questions are good for your Frenchie. Start honouring this side of you and see what happens.


Connect with your beauty, femininity and flow without feeling guilty and see what opens up for you.


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I am passionate and committed to helping beautiful women like you, connect and experience their unique life purpose, to owning their voice, their message and strengthen their best qualities.


Paulette Bell...

Once met... never forgotten.
Paulette has an endearing quality that puts one at ease immediately. Having spent time in her company, I found myself relaxing and able to fully engage in positive, meaningful, uplifting conversation. Her wealth of wisdom, intuition and powerful 'life insights' provide opportunities to learn and grow.

I commend Paulette for being the person she is... and for doing what she does so well.

W Livingston Gilchrist
Success Coach | Trainer |Broadcaster | Speaker



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