Are you hiding behind a persona or public image that does not represent YOU? Do you feel that your clothing is just a façade? Are you nervous, uncomfortable, or insecure with the public image you have created for yourself?

Welcome to iEssentia - London

Are stories from your past holding you back?

Do you have difficulty with loving yourself, and is it hard to imagine yourself as a source of love?


Are you finding change and forward movement difficult…or impossible?

Do you repeatedly find yourself falling short of your personal and professional goals?


Do you judge yourself negatively, or have trouble believing in yourself and your abilities?


Is shopping for yourself difficult? Do you make poor colour and quality choices?


If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then my life and image coaching programmes are designed just for you.


Every woman has her own unique message and special, personal style. At iEssentia, the aim is to help you to connect with those elements of YOU, so that your natural beauty may shine from the inside out.


YOUR Style, YOUR Image: The only genuine way to discover each one is to abandon judgment of yourself so that you may fully live your passion, priorities, and possibilities. This is accomplished through learning to embrace self-love, self-identity, and self-forgiveness – above all. Once these are accomplished for yourself, then you can give to others.


By giving yourself permission to be authentic and to know who you truly are, you will create more space for peace, love, and gratitude in your life. This will open the door for fully realising your Successful Dressing Signature.


Wearing clothing that aligns with your inner beauty is more powerful than any dressing façade. You must dress your inner self, so that your outer self is a true representation of YOU. Physical beauty is highly subjective – and meaningless if paired with a mean spirit.


I’ll work with you and your natural energy so that together, we can uncover your uniqueness and dress you based upon how that energy works within your chosen niche.


YOU are one-of-a-kind. YOU cannot be copied. Therefore, the inner beauty that you present to the world, as well as your personal style, should be unique and unlike any other. Only when these principles are in place will you grow confidently in all areas of your life, personally and professionally.


What if you could wake up every morning feeling peaceful, loved, and successful?


…leave the past in the past and learn to believe in yourself?

…clearly see your needs and desires, so you can feel fulfilled, whole…happy?

…represent your inner spirit with your outward appearance, confidently?


iEssentia will do all of this for you, and more with 3 steps to creating wealth and abundance from the inside out.


Don’t waste another moment of your life without the self-love and forgiveness you need to move forward, toward change and your authentic self that create wealth and abundance from the inside out.


Contact me today, and together we’ll make YOU your most stunning accessory – your most valuable asset. 



Live Your Life On Purpose And Thrive!


... I am ready to be Me!



Assists you to connect to your true authentic self and to be the symbol of 'Successful Dressing' for you. 



I would recommend Paulette's sessions she has the ability to put you at ease with yourself. Izegbuwa Oleghe



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